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To answer what wikiFido was all about, the first thing to get out of the way is understanding what a Wiki is. Wikis are collaborative digital tools that allow for multiple people to add, remove, and modify information or pages. There’s a Wiki for just about every subject, and that includes dogs!

A Collaborative Website for Dog-Lovers

wikiFido was a collaborative website that allowed dog lovers in North America to come together to support and appreciate each other and their dogs. wikiFido was a great resource for passionate people to bring knowledge to the online dog community. It was also a safe place for people to ask questions about their dogs without judgment or fear.

wikiFido also had forums and pages that let people bring pictures, stories, and anecdotes about their beloved dogs to the online dog community, sharing their joy with others. As a community of dog enthusiasts, wikiFido created a space for people to celebrate their dogs. Dog parents are proud of their dogs, whether it’s because they’re cute, smart, talented, or well-trained, and wikiFido was a place for people to share that pride with other proud dog families and enthusiasts.

What Did wikiFido Do?

wikiFido brought together valuable dog knowledge, helping people develop a plan for dog or puppy training, whether it was housetraining, obedience, or sports. It was also a resource for finding a starting point for behavioral or medical issues, helping dog owners know when to reach out to a veterinarian or behavioral trainer. wikiFido provided a resource for finding nutrition basics and treat ideas for dogs.

This website provided a community for people to share stories about their beloved dogs, past and present. From heartwarming to heroic, there were stories for everyone on wikiFido.

wikiFido’s purpose was to create an educational and caring community full of resources, and they were able to accomplish that goal.

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